I believe teaching to be one of the most terrifying yet most rewarding experiences a person can have. Teaching helps me overcome fears while at the same time bolstering self-confidence in my knowledge, identity within a social environment, and ability to help others. My teachers have been the most influential people in my life, guiding me through difficult times and passages, instilling a deep love for learning, and filling my head with amazing stuff! I hope to be a teacher that my students will feel supported and nurtured by, while at the same time learn from me new skill, new perspectives, and renewed celebration of life in all its intricacies.

Courses and Teaching:

Spring 2012: CAT 2: The Book in the Digital Age, Teaching Assistant with two class sections, Visiting Yale Scholar, Professor Jessica Pressman

Fall 2012: VIS 40- ICAM 40: Introduction to Computing in the Arts, Teaching Assistant with two class sections, Professor Brett Stalbaum, at UC San Diego

Art All State Youth Arts  Program 2012 at Worcester Art Museum


Fall 2011: ARS 162: Introduction to Digital Media at Smith College.

Art All State Youth Arts Program 2011 at Worcester Art Museum

Art All-State brings together some of the most talented juniors from across the state for an intensive two-day art experience. The students, competitively selected, collaborate with artist/mentors to create group installations inspired by the Museum’s collections. Through gallery and studio experiences AAS challenges and inspires these participants to think creatively about themselves and the role that art can play in life after high school. Eight studio groups are each lead by two professional artists who help facilitate the students in the creative process.

Working with artist Andy Fish, our group chose an ancient Head of Guan Yin, and Mouse, by Rona Pondick, as inspiration for a room-sized installation that included a head with hair made from fabric and plastic wrap, a forest of fabric trees and river of plastic and fabric with cotton whirlpools.

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2010Art, Life $ Money
SIM department, Massachusetts College of Art

Art for Social Change
2010-2011 Artist in Residence at Urbano Project, Boston, MA

I spent the fall and spring semesters of 2010-11 as Artist in Residence at Urbano Project, an afterschool art center for urban youth in Jamaica Plain, MA. As Artist in Residence, I worked with artist Grimaldi Baez in leading a year long group of teens in a program I designed called Art for Social Change.

We looked at art and artists utilizing urban methods including street art, guerilla interventions and performances, flash mobs and public sculpture, and then made works influenced by what we learned. We designed and executed a performance art piece at the end of fall semester show Does Art Matter?, and constructed an installation called Spill The Beans for the end of spring semester show Where We Live.

See photos on Urbano Project’s Flickr >


2009 Art, Life $ Money
SIM department, Massachusetts College of Art