American Pic-n-nic

Exploring the semiotics of the American Picnic- findings: red-checkered tablecloth, mustard, bologna, white bread, pickles and pink mini-cooler are essentials.

Thanks Alys Myers for the video:

Extreme Laundry

I was merely going about my business, pinning up my fresh laundry to absorb that alluring fresh scent of salt water, exhaust and something slightly fishy that is the Fort Point Channel, when an unknown, shirtless kayaking wonder happened upon my little slice of the pie. Here is just one of the videos he captured:

Thank you kayaking shirtless wonder!

Waiting for the Mail

Writing the word “OPEN” on letters addressed to myself and nowhere, sealing, mailing, waiting. I then open them, cross out “OPEN” and write “CLOSED”.


Thanks to videographer and elite kayaker Steve Hollinger for this video:

A Vision of Hope on the Water

Thanks to Cate Mcquaid and the Boston Globe for the wonderful feature story in Sunday’s Boston Globe:


Nice article by Lisa DeCanio from BostInno:

Flux Boston

Thanks to Liz Devlin for the post in Flux Boston!

Working Hard…

Thanks for the video Bob Souther!

Fort Point Art Walk: Performance Schedule

I will be performing today on the dock from 12-6pm as part of Fort Point’s Annual Spring Art Walk Open Studios.

Approximate Performance Schedule:


12:45: IRONING

1:45-2:45 BATHROOM BREAK (sorry I have to pee!)


4-6 pm GARDEN

Goodnight, I’ll be back to do it all again on Sunday….

The Remodeling Project in Art New England

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